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E-Commerce Startup Aims to Automate Supply Chain for $2 Billion Ceramic Packaging Market

SCOTTSDALE Arizona — September 11, 2000 — E-Commerce startup Global Chip Materials, LLC today announced plans to offer a specialized online service that automates the selection and procurement of ceramic packaging materials for the IC assembly market. GCM’s e-commerce service targets the global market for military standard ceramic packaging materials, estimated to be $2 billion annually.

Armed with $2 million in private funding, GCM will maintain the world’s largest inventory of new, factory direct ceramic packaging materials. GCM will source hundreds of the most commonly used ceramic products directly from industry leading manufacturers, including Kyocera, NTK, and Semi Alloys. This extensive inventory replaces 6 to 12 week lead times with just-in-time fulfillment.

The GCM online service automates both selection and procurement activities by making a much larger amount of information available to ceramic packaging users than ever before – anytime, anywhere. Engineers can access the latest technical information while Purchasers can check stock, pricing, place orders, and review purchase history. "Utilizing the power of the Internet creates real efficiencies for our customers", says Mark Lang, GCM President. "Together with immediate availability of commonly used ceramic packaging materials, our customers can reduce order processing costs, increase order accuracy, eliminate delays, and reduce their inventory carrying costs. All this has a very positive effect on the bottom line."

"By working together as strategic business partners, GCM’s supply chain services will help reduce our customer’s time to market, lower their cost of materials, and enhance their overall competitiveness" explains Mark Lang. GCM will launch its online services in October.

About Global Chip Materials, LLC
Headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona, Global Chip Materials, LLC (GCM) is an independent distributor of ceramic packaging materials for the IC assembly market. Offering just-in-time delivery of hundreds of the most commonly used ceramic materials, GCM is the supply chain partner for a worldwide base of major semiconductor manufacturers. GCM is the first to offer an e-commerce service for selecting and ordering ceramic packaging materials. For further information, please contact GCM.


Global Chip Materials Selects Sand Hill Systems’ Flexible Online Ordering Solution

SAN JOSE California — September 18, 2000 — Global Chip Materials, distributor to the integrated circuit (IC) industry, recently signed an agreement with Sand Hill Systems to implement an online ordering system for its customers. Global Chip chose Sand Hill’s hosted e-commerce solution based on its flexible applications that are designed to strengthen existing business relationships between Global Chip and its customers.

The new system will allow Global Chip’s customers to log on to the company’s web site, place orders in less than a minute and check the status of existing orders online anytime. Since Sand Hill’s Sell-Side Solutions were explicitly designed for businesses that sell to other businesses, Global Chip can offer customer-specific pricing, catalogs and customization to follow particular business rules.

"Through our Internet-based system, Global Chip will be able to offer its customers greater service while reducing costs. In addition, our online technology allows transactions to be constantly tracked and updated throughout the fulfillment process," said Vito Laudicina, President of Sand Hill Systems.

In this application service provider business model, Sand Hill Systems hosts the software, freeing Global Chip from the need to invest in expensive technology or hiring technical personnel to support the system. Once the installation is complete, usually within one week, customers can access their account and conduct online transactions.

About Sand Hill Systems
Sand Hill Systems, based in San Jose, California, provides a suite of B2B e-commerce applications designed to strengthen relationships among business partners, while dramatically reducing order entry and procurement costs. The order entry, graphical reporting, marketplace and purchasing applications are hosted by Sand Hill, making them affordable for medium-sized manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers seeking a competitive advantage through e-business. The rapid deployment of the systems, often in less than a week, and the flexibility to configure the systems to work with each company’s business rules are features that are making the applications extremely attractive to the mid-market companies. For more information on Sand Hill’s products, please visit or call (888) 806-0891.

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